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Silkscreen & Design

Dogwood Print was born in the heart North Carolina. With over 20 years experience, Dogwood is the result of an Artist and a Designer coming together to create top of the line design and silk screened products. We are here to provide you the design support and quality screen-printing you need to bring your project home.

Dogwood Print’s manual process provides great rates, hands on customer service, attention to detail and the flexibility that larger corporations lack. Dogwood Print is here to support a wide range of individuals, groups and organizations with apparel and/or promotional items for fundraisers, events and much more.

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What we offer


For us it's about making your brand look great. Whether that involves a new logo or event graphic, we'll make it quick and easy to get your deign print-ready and on the press.


Embroidery is the technique of decorating apparel, fabric or other materials with needle and thread.

Silkscreen printing

Screen printing is a technique that uses woven mesh to support and ink-blocking stencil. Open areas of the mesh let ink transfer through as a sharp-edged image. 

vinyl graphics

Vinyl Graphics are a durable and cost effective solution that allows you to take advantage of most surface space to promote products, services or even provide straightforward brand marketing. 



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Here are a couple questions to consider when filling in this section: What type of garment or project are you interested in? Are you looking for a T-shirt, polo, sweatshirt, promotional items, vinyl graphics? Do you already have a design or logo? How many colors, and where would you like these printed?